Having a life.

It feels like ever since I finished grad school, I haven't done a single creative thing.

First I was too busy trying to get a job. Then I got a job, but it was a crummy job, so I had to get a new job. But now that I have a good job, I'm working so hard I don't have the energy to be creative.

At least that's what I told myself.

I'm still taking pictures, though. Family pictures. Pictures of friends.

Photos from 1997 and 1998


St. Louis Arch
That's my mom in the corner. St. Louis, Missouri
August 1997


Looking towards the town of Milolii, on the southwest coast of Hawaii
August 1997


Benjamin Mickey Zeppelin and Benjamin's sister
Benjamin Zeppelin. Murphysboro, Illinois
August 1998
Benjamin's father and sister at Little Grassy Lake. Carbondale, Illinois. I really liked Benjamin's family. They played in the water like enthusiastic otters.
August 1998

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