Okinawa 2011

Tropical Dream Center

In 2011, I went to Okinawa to attend the 5th Worldwide Okinawan Festival. We also visited the Chiraumi, the National Aquarium. There are some terrific marine animal exhibits there, but this time I was captivated by the orchid and other tropical plants center.

A cascade of lush white orchids
More white orchids
Room after room sported these pots of gorgeous multi-colored arrangements.   The sheer number of and perfection of these orchids was mind-boggling


Yellow orchids
Maroon orchids
Each room had a different color orchid: Predominantly yellow...   ...or maroon...


Pink and white orchids in a terra-cotta pot
Yellow and pink orchids in a wicker basket
One technique they use at this flower garden is to keep the flowers at different humidities and to control the amount of daylight hours that the plants receive so that the flowers bloom at their most optimal, showy selves.


A spray of white orchids
These orchids outstripped anything I had ever seen before, even on Hawaii's famous orchid isle.   They had many, many other plants and flowers there, including these lovely water lilies.


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