50 Things That Didn't Exist in 1967

I've been making a list of things that didn't exist when I was born.

I began to notice things that were introduced sometime in the last fifty-odd years. I used to think I had to write about each thing, but since the advent of Wikipedia (also on the list), I don't need to comment on the changes these things have made, and what it was like not to have them.

Some things may actually have been invented prior to 1967, but it could be they had not gained popular acceptance.

If you see something on this list that doesn't belong here, or if you can think of other things that do, email me.

The list:

  1. 1-hour photo (mostly obsolete due to digital photography)
  2. 3M Reflective tape
  3. AIDS, Avian Flu, Zika
  4. Answering machines (since replaced by cell phones)
  5. Automatic car windows -- and auto locks
  6. Bar codes (Also RFID tags)
  7. Bottled water
  8. CDs (Now mostly replaced by mp3 players and digital files)
  9. Cellphones
  10. Cordless phones
  11. Crazy glue
  12. Digital watches
  13. Dimmer switches
  14. dustbusters
  15. Edible styrofoam
  16. Frozen yogurt
  17. Fruit stickers
  18. Garage door openers
  19. Gore-tex
  20. GPS
  21. Handicapped parking and curb cuts
  22. Kale as a food and not just a decoration in a crushed ice bin at a buffet
  23. Kiwi fruit
  24. Liposuction
  25. Melamine foam aka Magic Erasers
  26. Paper or plastic?
  27. Plastic milk gallon jugs
  28. Plexiglass
  29. Post-it Notes
  30. Pull tabs on cans
  31. Roller blades (as opposed to roller skates)
  32. Self-stick stamps (the best invention for Hilo, where it is so humid). Also Forever stamps
  33. stickers on fruit
  34. Styrofoam
  35. Suntan lotion
  36. Teflon
  37. Tofu in U.S. mainland grocery stores
  38. Touch tone phones
  39. Minivans with sliding doors
  40. VCRs, videocameras, steadicam
  41. Velcro
  42. Walkmans
  43. weed whackers
  44. Wite-out
  45. ziploc bags