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Cindy Irvine marries Dave Frankunas

Cindy IrvineCindy Irvine's birthday is one day before mine. We went through E. B. de Silva elementary school, Hilo Intermediate School, and Hilo High School together. Then she went on to Williams College and I went off to Haverford. But through the years, we've kept in touch with letters, phone calls, and visits. Now she lives in Portland and teaches yoga classes.

In July 2003, she got married to Dave Frankunas in Manzanita. a small town on the Oregon coast.

Biker dude with Cindy Grape arbor couple
Dave is a lot like Cindy's dad: Tall, a bit quiet, but very sincere and good-hearted.   They have a lush grape arbor in their backyard. It was a pleasure to sit, chat, and eat fresh summer food in the afternoon.
Ellen Doudna Ellen Doudna
Ellen Doudna also came to the wedding. She's a Hilo girl too, but she's living in Oakland now.
Cindy on the phone Cindy in colors that suit her very well
Cindy, busy making wedding arrangements: confirming deliveries, locations, guest arrival times, and food.
Ellen, Antonia, and Robert and Sue Irvine Cindy and Ellen
Ellen, Cindy's mom Sue Irvine, Cindy's friend Antonia, and Cindy's dad Robert Irvine, MD., on the porch at Cindy's house in Portland.  Cindy and Ellen in Manzanita.

Manzanita, Oregon

Manzanita coast Manzanita ocean
The first afternoon I was at Manzanita, the sky was reflecting golden and dazzling on the ocean water. I was glad to see the ocean again after so long. It was beautiful on the coast the whole weekend.

The wedding

The wedding site overlooked the beach The wedding party
The wedding site was high on the cliff above the beach. The wedding party.
Just before we all had to go for cover Dave and Cindy the day after the wedding
Moments later, it began to drizzle and we went to the Manzanita Community Center to begin the ceremony. Cindy and Dave, happily married.

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