My name is Leanne Yanabu, and this is my website.

Leanne Yanabu, photo by Yang XiaYou may know me from my photography, as an ex-Peace Corps volunteer, as a Toastmaster, or as an employee of the University of New Mexico.

Although I am a web designer, I also have a real life that I would mostly rather be doing instead of updating my personal site. 

Most of the content on here was designed prior to 1998, when there was no such thing as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networking webspaces that make it easy to post notes, photos, and thoughts about your life.

Much of the code on this site is not the way I would do it today, but since you can still view it, I have done little updating beyond some content adjustments.

As Edna Mode says in The Incredibles, "I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.