Photos: Tabuse, Japan

From April to June of 2009, I lived in Tabuse, Japan, at the International Headquarters of Tensho-Kotai-Jingu-Kyo, the teaching I grew up in. I lived in the dorm, helped around the grounds, and did a lot of walking

Dojo Facilities 

Honbu Main Dojo Entrance
This is the entrance to the main dojo, or Preaching Hall
Honbu Main Dojo View
From the stairs to the small dojo, looking towards the town of Tabuse
Small Dojo
Doshi (followers) in the small dojo for the afternoon session
Slippers in front of the small dojo entrance Kindergarteners' slippers lined up neatly
The childrens' slippers were always lined up neatly
Azaleas above a stone wall
It was azalea season when I arrived in late April. See how the doshi kept them amazing
The stone walls at Honbu
These stone walls were impressive, and were everywhere on the grounds 


I went for a lot of walks around the area
I went for a lot of walks around the area...

Along the main Tabuse road town...

A house near a rice field
...but mostly out of town...

The valley to the east of Honbu's grounds
...through the valleys...

Looking north toward family rice farms
...seeing ponds...

Just north of Honbu
...and rice paddies.

Vines on a tree like a song
Occasionally I looked up....

Ume Tree with a bird in it
... to see the occasional bird in the tree...

Manhole cover
...or down...

They had these instead of fire hydrants in Okinawa, I liked the manhole covers.

Yellow poles in a green landscape
I reveled in the green landscapes, so much like Hawaii.

It was so green there!
I was amazed to think of all the people who spent their lives cultivating this part of the world. 

I never got tired of this stretch of the road
This scene was just outside the dojo grounds. 

To the north of the Tabuse Ag. High School
On the north side of the Tabuse Agriculture High School grounds.

Hello Kitty car
I liked this: pink car, Hello Kitty dolls in the windshield


Removing spent azalea blossoms from the bushes
Removing spent azalea blossoms from the bushes

Precision Trimming the Azaleas in front of the office
Precision trimming the azaleas in front of the office
Red Ladders
This ladder set up reminded me of modern art installations
Angled Ladder
Angled Ladder Angled Ladders
This reminded me of Eikoh Hosoe's Kamaitachi #8

Ume Gohoshi
When the doshi go on break, they leave their bags and tools neatly lined up

Bagging Ume
Sorting and bagging ume (plum) for sale

With so much rain, weeding was a never-ending task

Mrs. Tagawa
Mrs. Tagawa, in her 80s, was the most pious, devout person I've ever met. Here she is raking the grass, looking like a pixie

Dorm Life at Honbu

Sunny Roof
The view outside my dorm room, looking out on the roof, reminded me of a modern minimalist painting
Rain on the rooftop
I much preferred days when it rained

Drying Sheets
Drying futon covers on the dorm roof 

Dorm Hallway
The nostalgic afternoon light in the hallway brought to mind Al Stewart's "Time Passages"

Playing Tourist

Heading to Uma Island
Heading towards Uma (Horse) Island

At Ruriko-ji, a Buddhist Temple built in 1442
At Ruriko-Ji, a Buddhist temple in Yamaguchi built in 1442

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