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Chris, Sharon, and Kaya in Moscow, Idaho

Chris Duguay and Sharon Sullivan are returned Lesotho Peace Corps Volunteers living in Moscow, Idaho, with their daughter Kaya. Sharon attends nursing school and also produces Tortoise and Hare Herbals.

A small fountain near their door Sharon and Kaya picking flowers in their yard
A welcoming, calm arrangement by their front door. Kaya and Sharon out picking flowers to make an herbal wash.
Kaya playing a tape recorder Chris Duguay listening to music
Kaya, listening to music on her tape player. Chris, listening to music on his stereo.

Getting ready for the day

Sharon fixing Kaya's hair Sharon fixing Kaya's hair Sharon fixing Kaya's hair

At the Moscow, Idaho Farmer's Market

Moscow is small enough to bike around easily Moscow has a lively farmer's market
Sharon biked to the Farmer's Market and the Moscow Food Co-op on Saturday The Farmer's Market is a place for meeting friends as well as getting produce.


We hiked to the top of a lovely butte on the edge of town. From the top it was like Middle-earth's Shire: Green patchwork fields and fluffy white clouds, as far as you could see.

Chris, Kaya, and Sharon Chris and Sharon in the sunlight
Chris, Kaya, and Sharon taking a rest break. Sharon and Chris on the hiking trail.

My parents came to New Mexico and visited El Rancho de los Golondrinas

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