Albuquerque 2011

In 2011, I took a lot of photos of John Simmons. What can I say? He's a great-looking man. I did take pictures of various other subjects too.

The big trip of the year was visiting Okinawa for the 5th International Festival (Uchinanchu Taikai) with my parents and friends and relatives. We visited the Peace Museum at the southern end of the main island, saw the beautiful orchids at the Tropical Dream Center in the National Aquarium complex, and other remarkable things, big and small. I also visited the Hawaii Volcano Garden Art Center with my mom. Enjoy!

Freezing Cold Weather

We got some super cold weather in Albuquerque around February -- reportedly ten degrees below zero.

Tribute to Mother Earth by Youn Ja Johnson
We had such cold weather in February that the fountain in front of the Long Term Ecological Research Network office froze in a picturesque way.


Water lillies on the pond
Summer view of the fountain
Just a few months later, it was a different story   Lavender, chive flowers, strawberries


Pitch the cat in the sunroom on the couch
Pitch enjoying a quiet winter day on the couch in the sunroom. Lovely yellow tulips from Costco in the vase. A contented cat brings a sense of well-being and peace to a household.


Sasha Lyapin tutoring
My housemate Sasha Lyapin tutors math and science using Skype and a white board to high school students in Connecticut. Here he is in his outdoor annex.

Guadalupe Mesa

In March I went on a UNM hike to Guadalupe Mesa, which is the northeastern-most of the ancient Pueblos associated with Chaco Canyon. It was bright and sunny and windy.

Cabezon from Guadalupe Mesa
Cabezon Peak from Guadalupe Mesa


Guadalupe mesa looking
Guadalupe Mesa with the sun high in the sky
Guadalupe mesa at noon


Guadalupe mesa
Guadalupe Mesa view

Guadalupe Mesa Anthill
Ants were here all those years ago when the pueblo was inhabited. The ants are there today, persisting in drought and tough conditions.

Hidden Park Picnic

Shelley proposed a graduation party for Ginger Crowe at Hidden Park, an obscure Albuquerque gem. You cannot see it from the street as it is completely surrounded by houses, but you can access it through footpaths between the houses. We set up a picnic and had food and music all afternoon.

Susy Lucero and children
Juan and Susy Lucero have a large family. Juan is a musician with Los Primos and a photographer too. Here are three of their remarkably well-behaved and pleasant children sitting next to their mother.

Putnay Thomas and Molly Hastings
Putnay Thomas and Molly Hastings enjoyed the music, the company, and the food.


Hidden Park Party
That's Joseph Garcia, former Peace Corps Paraguay volunteer, with the guitar, and my housemate Mark Worthy next to him on the park bench. Sitting in the chair is Hassan Abassary, a wizard in the kitchen.  

Villanueva State Park

I love this park. It is about a two hour's drive from Albuquerque. You go east for an hour, then north for 20 miles. It is on the Pecos river and cottonwood trees line the banks. It is peaceful and serene.

Christine Abassary and John Simmons

Christine Abassary looked on as John sat on the picnic table and played some music

Salinas National Monument -- Gran Quivira

Last time I went to Salinas I took pictures of Abó and Quarai. This time I took pictures of Gran Quivira too.

Some of these architectural details have been reconstructed but they're like photo catnip to me

Gran Quivira, NM
I am always amazed by the message that these ruins convey to me ... that people lived here at one time, found themselves on the edge of the existence, and decided to abandon their buildings and land in order to survive.

Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico

We went hiking in the Pecos Wilderness twice this year -- first to Holy Ghost campground, then Santa Barbara. Although we went two weeks apart, the aspens were perfect each time.

Pecos Wilderness Aspens The contrast between aspens and sky is delightful
Entering the Pecos Wilderness, you are in a world of trees. Aspens and evergreens as far as you can see. It is a welcome sensation after being in the world of people the rest of the time.


Ramble through the woods
This kind of photograph sustains me long after the actual experience is over


Dennis McMahon Dennis is an avid photographer as well
My great good friend Dennis McMahon came to Albuquerque for a week, and we hiked up by the Santa Barbara campground up near Peñasco. I've known Dennis since we were both Peace Corps volunteers in Mali, way back in the early 1990s. He is still doing peace work in countries overseas and is a constant inspiration to me.


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