Drupal Install

  • Posted on: 18 June 2015
  • By: lyanabu

olopua.com install

John went off to have an after-work beer. The gym’s pool closes at 5:30. It’s too hot out for human movement. I decided to go for it and install Drupal.

Is this going to be a huge mistake or not so bad? My guess: both.

  • 5:30: I start by logging in to Fatcow.com
  • 6:40 Optimistic, I google “Drupal Theme Mobile”

It’s done installing! But somehow weirdly it has installed an old version of Drupal. :(

  • 6:44 how to update drupal core on fatcow
  • 6:45 how to update drupal core
  • 7:05 Linux interface, then unix interface, then unix interface fatcow
  • 7:20 does filezilla have a terminal window
  • 7:21 use ssh with fatcow
  • 7:21 how to unzip in fatcow

Finally it has installed, I have the Bartik admin theme on again.

Now to install modules!

Here is the list:

  • Admin Menu - To be able to sort Modules easily
  • Backup and Migrate -- So you can backup your site
  • CK editor - WYSIWYG editing
  • Ctools -- Chaos tools. Required for other things. Generally makes life easier.
  • Date - To be able to add Date as a Content Type field
  • Display Suite - Arranges content on the page
  • Font your face-- to add different fonts to style the site
  • IMCE -- for Photos
  • Media -- also for photos
  • Module filter -- Organizes the module view in admin mode
  • Path Auto -- For human-readable URLs
  • Token -- Needed for Path auto
  • Views -- Needed to build views. I don’t know why this isn’t in core, if it isn’t.
  • Wysiwyg - To make editable pages

Download them to my computer, unzip and then reupload them. Why haven’t I installed Drush yet?

8:07 pm. 88 degrees outside. Not yet. Filezilla is still unpacking modules

Done unpacking modules. I add:

  • Flexslider
  • Adaptive image styles
  • Libraries

Almost 9 pm. Configuring theme. Now that I’ve started, this will be a lot of work.